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A high point in piano manufacturing around the globe and  a new standard in piano performance. This generation of high end pianos have surpassed everything known in the past.  Shigeru Kawai Pianos are widely accepted among the best pianos in the world. 

  • How are the best pianos made? Currently the best pianos globally are the result of continuous refinements to the design of the instrument.   
  • How are piano designs improved? A collaboration of professionals in piano manufacturing and other areas such as material science and engineering.  
  • What are the advantages of newly design high quality pianos? Higher precision in touch, well defined intonation, stability and they don’t required unorthodox techniques to improve its performance. 

Understanding the piano

  • A unique aspect of the piano is that the technique of the player, it doesn’t contribute to achieve the right pitch. (as in other instruments) Piano players beginner or professional rely on the internal mechanics of the piano to interpret their intentions.  This is why the piano-action it is important.
  • The tonal quality of a piano it is defined partially by the hammers and how the piano as whole system manages the energy input to the strings when stroke by the hammers.
  • The proper functioning of the piano is determined by the quality and features in the design, which insure the stability of the piano.
  • Pianos deteriorate with time and typically they maintained optimum performance  for 30 years, past this period pianos required more in depth service or they simply have irreversible limitations. 

Piano Evolution 

  • Do pianos evolve? They do, Pianos have been evolving since they were originally invented. In fact the piano was born from desire for innovation; when the mechanism of keyboard instruments were re-designed to play soft or loud giving birth to the pianoforte. 

The slide-show below illustrates the evolution of piano mechanisms in chronological order. 

  • 1722 Cristofori Piano Action (early mechanism at the time of the invention of the piano)
  • 1800 Viennese Piano Action (no longer in use) 
  • 1808 Erard Piano Action (no longer in use, modern design was born from this piano action)
  • 1931 Steinway’s Accelerated action (currently used by Steinway no modification yet made) 
  • Contemporary Renner action ( used on Hamburg Steinways and other brands) 
  • 2017  High Precision Shigeru Kawai Action (currently one  of the most sophisticated piano actions) 

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