Piano Store San Jose

2960 Steven Creek Blvd. San Jose, CA 952128


We offer pianos for sale and piano rentals in San Jose.  We have a variety of pianos: Grand Pianos, Baby-grand, Upright, Digital and hybrid pianos.  Our staff members are professional piano consultants, they will be able to help you find affordable pianos, used pianos and also high performances instruments.  

NV10 Kawai Novus
Novus Series



Shigeru Pianos for Sale in the Bay Area
Bay Area Shigeru Kawai Piano Store San Mateo


Best price for  Kawai Upright Pianos including the acclaimed K300, K500, and K800.  Only specialized Kawai Piano Store.

Shigeru Kawai Pianos
Kawai Piano Best Price 

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  1. Shopping, pianos for sale San Jose area or Bay Area, San Mateo Piano will make very satisfying your buying experience. Kawai piano best price and service dealer.
    Located at 1200 S. El Camino Real San Mateo, CA 94402.

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