Wilh. Steinberg Pianos Made in Germany

The Wilh. Steinberg Piano represents 130 years of tradition in the art of making quality pianos.  This small but highly respected piano company is located in Eisenberg, a city with a strong musical culture and centuries of piano-building history.  Their pianos are iconic masterpieces of true craftsmanship manufactured from 100% German made components, Renner action, Abel hammers, Kluge keyboards, Strunz  soundboards and Roslau strings all assembled in their German factory.

The Wilh. Steinberg upright piano is more than a finely constructed piano.  It is one of the best upright pianos in the world.  The first thing a pianist notice when playing this fine instrument is the absolute precision of attack followed by a wonderful purity of sound that is unique to these pianos.  Finally the surprisingly long sustained sound permits passages to be played pianissimo with remarkable precision.

 This truly is an unusual piano for discriminating pianists.



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