Digital Piano

We are the authorized Kawai Piano Store in the Bay Area and Piano Dealer in San Francisco Peninsula.

Kawai produces the most advanced family of digital pianos in the world. Numerous innovations are found in these instruments such  wooden-key actions, reproducing the feel and touch of concert grand pianos. Technology such as harmonic imaging allows these instruments to reproduce all nuances of an acoustic piano.

Kawai offers a wide selection of digital pianos meeting the needs of all levels of musician from basic models such as the CN25  to advance Hybrid  Pianos such as the CA97, CS11 & ATX series (acoustic/digital pianos)

The Concert Artist Series are HYBRID PIANOS  offering wooden key-action, state-of-the-art technology and acoustical tone projected by its wooden sound-board, truly giving a concert grand piano experience.

Kawai Digital Pianos For Sale: ES-110, ES-8, CN-27, CN-37, CE-220, CA-67, CA-97, CS-11, CS-8, CP-1, CP-2, CP-3, VPC-1, MP-11, KDP-90

At San Mateo Piano we specialize in Kawai Digital Pianos. We can demonstrate these instruments at whatever level you desire. We can show you how to make the music you want. Lastly we can help you pick the instrument that meets your needs, whether you are a beginning student, a church pianist, or even a performance musician.

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