The new Kawai Digital Piano KDP-120 is now available in the market. This is Kawai’s latest entry-level low-priced piano.

Kawai Digital Piano KDP-120

Performace Specifications Kawai Digital Piano KDP-120

  • The KDP120 uses Kawai RHC-2 mechanism this is Kawai’s basic weighted action.
  • Sound engine standard harmonic imagine, Kawai repurposed this technology successfully used in previous entry-level Kawai digital pianos.
  • 2 entry-level speaker system with 40 W output power
  • Additional items: 3-year warranty, requires to be assembled by the buyer
  • Price $1,499

What if by a small price difference you can get an upgrade

Kawai CN-29?

Here are the performance specification for the Kawai CN29

  • The upgraded Responsive Hammer III keyboard action on the CN29 re-creates the exceptional touch of an acoustic grand piano with its realistic movement and rigid “springless” design working together to provide a smooth, natural piano playing experience. A triple-sensor key detection system enhances responsiveness and accuracy.
  • Progressive Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology w/88-Note piano sampling
  • NEW: Motherboard developed in partnership with Onkyo for improved tonal clarity
  • NEW: Speaker system developed by Onkyo, delivering superior sound
  • 5-year warranty parts and labor and in-home assembly
  • Price difference very small $$
  • More details: https://www.kawai-global.com/product/cn29/
Kawai KDP-120 Action
Kawai_CN29_RH3_Upgraded action, with counter weights