Piano Store Morgan Hill

The only dealer authorized Kawai pianos and Shigeru Kawai pianos for Morgan Hill and Gilroy area. Our piano store offers a selection of pianos from affordable to high-end instruments. We have also quality used pianos for sale on a regular basis.


  • Digital Pianos and Hybrid pianos. The latest technology in pianos. They offer some of the elements of an acoustic piano such as wood keys and complete piano actions to wood soundboards and cabinet-chamber. NV10 Kawai Novus
  • Upright Pianos. The most sophisticated upright pianos for sale. From basic pianos for beginners or students to the best upright pianos available in the market. Kawai Upright Pianos
  • Baby grand pianos and Grand Pianos. We had offered to families and residents of Morgan Hill and Gilroy, a beautiful selection of baby-grand and grand pianos. Also, we are the only authorized Shigeru Kawai piano dealer in the South Bay. Shigeru Kawai pianos are considered among the best pianos in the market or perhaps the best piano in the world.
Shigeru kawai piano store
Shigeru kawai piano dealer