Kawai Piano CA901

Kawai CA901 digital hybrid piano

Kawai Piano CA901 digital hybrid

Premium audio processing, amplification, and speaker technologies developed by Kawai R&D’s highly experienced audio engineering team, the CA 901 digital piano utilizes specialist components designed for high-end audio reproduction. High-performance DAC (digital-analog conversion) components that utilize a unique filtering process specially developed for acoustic piano sounds, combined with the Concert Artists’high’ specification power amplifiers reproduce the Shigeru KawaiSK-EX sounds with stunning richness and clarity.

This high-fidelity sound is then delivered through the instruments’ impressive speaker systems, with the flagship CA901 featuring a redesigned 6-speaker configuration comprising new front-facing direct speakers and more powerful TwinDrive wood soundboard speaker transducers. Both models also feature upgraded 360° top speaker diffusers, resulting in an exceptionally rich and authentic musical experience for players and listeners alike.