The Impressive Kawai Piano CA901

Kawai Piano CA901 Hybrid piano

Why the CA901 is the best-engineered piano in the market?

One reason is the premium audio processing, amplification, and speaker technologies developed by Kawai R&D’s highly experienced audio engineering team.

The Kawai CA 901 digital piano utilizes special components designed for high-end audio reproduction. High-performance DAC (digital-analog conversion) components that utilize a unique filtering process specially developed for acoustic piano sounds, combined with the power amplifiers to reproduce the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX sounds with stunning richness and clarity.

Kawai Piano CA901 Hybrid
Kawai Piano CA901 Hybrid

What do the experts have to say about the Kawai Piano CA901 hybrid?

The only digital piano capable of reproducing similar sound projection to an acoustic piano by incorporating a wood panel (sound board) placed behind the piano.

Like in a regular piano, the CA901 amplifies and projects sound partially using the soundboard so it creates a different sound envelope than a conventional digital piano that only projects through speakers.

The keyboard is made with wood keys with the same length and balancing points reproducing the grand piano feel (touch).

The hammers are placed horizontally with the striking point above the key as in a grand piano. Currently, in all other digital pianos, the striking point is under the key, which is completely different from an acoustic piano, this is what makes the Kawai CA series very different from other brands.

The piano sound is generated by extra large piano samples that are enhanced by the use of rendering technology.

The cabinet is made to replicate the chamber of an acoustic piano, with the advantage that the cabinetry’s resonance can be digitally controlled allowing customization of the resonance to the acoustics of the room.

What do pianists have to say about the Kawai Piano CA901 hybrid?

We received many positive reviews about the response of the CA901 keyboard, here are the most important:

Fantastic keyboard with even resistance between the front and back of the keys.

Great action with a quick reload after releasing the key, yet it doesn’t feel springy or bouncy.

Fast playing mechanism with a quick reload, increasing the ability to create fast repeating notes.

The balancing of the keys provides a comfortable feel between the amount of pressure required to push down the keys and the amount of pressure the keys generate after reaching the bottom. (Push-back)

Changes in tonal quality across the range of the piano and accurate reproduction of dynamics, such as subtle changes in volume, contrary to the commonly more sterile sound of digital pianos.

Kawai Piano CA901 hybrid reviews by expert shoppers

This is an expensive digital piano but absolutely worth every dollar. There is nothing offered by competing brands in the price range that offers wooden keys and an acoustic wood soundboard, in fact not one brand has that combination in a digital piano. Because of its unique position in the market, this is a great buy. For the best price for the Kawai CA901 call San Mateo Piano at (650)376-3812