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Kawai Piano Dealer Bay Area

We are the only specialized Kawai Piano Dealer in Bay Area and California.

One good reason to buy a Kawai piano… Kawai is the only piano manufacturer in Japan solely focused on making pianos.

We are the only specialized Kawai piano store in the Bay Area and California. Our staff members can offer detailed meaningful information about Kawai Acoustic Pianos and Kawai Digital Pianos. Also, We are the Shigeru Kawai piano dealer for Nothern California.  Among other benefits, we have access to the best price for Kawai Pianos.  We offer Kawai pianos in San Francisco and nearby cities, as well as Palo Alto and Mountain View. 

We offer the most advanced and precise instruments available today.  It is Kawai’s commitment to constant innovation that will allow the next generations of pianists to attain even higher levels of artistry.

We currently have available for the San Francisco Bay Area and San Jose all the Kawai CA Digital pianos CA49, Kawai CA59, Kawai CA-79, and Kawai CA99. Kawai Hybris pianos Novus 10S, Novus 5S, K500 Aures, K300 Aures all available for sale at San Mateo Piano.

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  1. I was impressed by the service and knowledge of the staff at SMP.
    They are the authorized Kawai Digital Pianos store for the Bay Area. They offer the best service and the best deals for Kawai Digital Pianos

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