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The ongoing evolution of an Amazing Instrument.

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The Shigeru Kawai piano represents a new standard of piano design and construction. Pianists are finding that this piano allows them to achieve a very high level of performance. This current generation of grand pianos is widely accepted by many pianists as some of the best pianos in the world. At San Mateo Piano, we are the only authorized Shigeru Kawai dealer for the Bay Area and Northern California.

  • What makes a good piano or a high-end piano? Presently the best pianos are the result of continuous refinements to the design of the instrument. The constant adaptation of new technology and advanced materials permit the piano to achieve ever-greater performance.   
  • How are pianos improved? This requires the collaboration of experts in piano design, manufacture and materials scientists.   
  • Why does a piano have to improve and what are the advantages of an advanced, modern piano over a “classic” piano?  Everything we buy, from cars to iPhones, benefits from constant advances in technology. The same is true of the piano. The incorporation of new technology into the piano creates a higher precision in touch, well-defined intonation, and stability that does not require constant technical adjustments to maintain a high level of performance, as it is the case for the Shigeru Kawai Piano. 

Piano action 

  • The piano action allows a player, whether professional or beginner, to make a precise tone. What is unique to the piano (unlike many other instruments) is that no special technique is required to achieve the correct pitch, the mechanism of the action accomplishes this task. This is why the quality and precision of the action is so important. 
  • The tonal quality of the piano is partially defined by the hammers and how the piano as a whole manages the energy input into strings when struck by hammers.
  • The proper functioning of the piano is determined by the quality and features of the design, which ensure the stability of the piano. 
  • Over time, with playing and exposure to temperature change and humidity, piano actions deteriorate. This is particularly true of wooden piano actions. Typically they can perform well with regular maintenance for 30 years or so. Past this period, most pianos require service or they will perform poorly. 
  • Implementation of modern construction and designs have added stability and refinements to the performance of pianos. 

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