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Kawai Pianos exclusive piano manufacturer in Japan
Kawai Pianos made in Japan

In our showroom you will have the opportunity of comparing Yamaha Pianos versus Kawai Pianos. We have frequently asked questions such as:

Who makes better pianos Yamaha or Kawai?

What is the difference between Yamaha and Kawai Pianos?

What is the best price for a Yamaha Piano?

What is the best price for a Kawai Piano?

Where are Yamaha pianos made?

Where are Kawai Pianos made?


All of these questions are partially answered here:

Yamaha and Kawai, both companies country of origin is Japan.  Pianos are made in Japan.

These are the two most prominent piano manufacturers from Japan. One significant difference between Yamaha and Kawai, is that Yamaha is not exclusively a piano manufacturer, as they make other products such as other musical instruments and  motorcycles. Kawai is the only piano manufacturer in Japan that is specialized in piano manufacturing. 

The quality of  pianos made by Yamaha or Kawai, it is very good. Perhaps they are the best quality pianos in the world. As they have mastered the design of multiple vertical pianos and grand pianos. The price difference between Kawai and Yamaha pianos is practically non existing, as both companies have a similar price points when comparing equivalent piano-models. 

Yamaha pianos in San Jose are available as well as Kawai Pianos in San Jose, visit our piano store we’ll be happy to provide you with more information about pianos.