Piano Store in San Jose, Kawai and yamaha

Kawai Pianos are highly recommended by piano teachers as good musical instruments for beginners as well as for advanced piano students. We have a selection of pianos for sale.

  • Baby grand and grand pianos in multiple lengths
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  • We offer affordable upright pianos for beginners to advanced level pianists. Upright pianos are available in multiple heights. Kawai makes the most technological and advanced vertical pianos.
Kawai Upright Pianos
  • Hybrids represent a new breed of musical instruments created by the fusion of acoustic and digital piano elements. Kawai offers both Acoustic Hybrids (traditional acoustic pianos with digital piano functionality) and Digital Hybrids (advanced digital pianos equipped with important acoustic piano components). All are designed to enhance the enjoyment, capabilities, and performance of the player.
NV10 Kawai Novus
  • We offer piano rentals, long-term and short-term. If you need a piano but you’re not ready to buy one, we have available rent-to-own programs.
  • We rent upright pianos, digital pianos, and grand pianos.
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  1. Shopping, pianos for sale San Jose area or Bay Area, San Mateo Piano will make very satisfying your buying experience. Kawai piano best price and service dealer.
    Located at 1200 S. El Camino Real San Mateo, CA 94402.

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